Destressed Film, LLC and Willowcreek Entertainment present DESTRESSED.

DESTRESSED is written and produced by Garry Pastore, an award-winning 30-year film industry veteran who’s last short film, “Waiting For… Budd,” won awards at multiple film festivals.

DESTRESSED is a docu-drama-edy, using documentary storytelling, along with touching dramatic scenes and laugh-out-loud comedy to tell the story of one man’s insane search for sanity in an insane world. After Garry Pastore, who also stars in the film, is left with post-traumatic stress after the 9/11 terror attacks, and increasing stresses in his life leave him hospitalized and dealing with major health and psychological traumas, he sets out to find others who help him put his own problems into perspective. DESTRESSED tells the moving and uplifting story of his travels across the country, the courageous people he meets, and the enlightenment he achieves.