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Destressed was a visual picnic

Author:  Jackixon 

It was an inspirational look into a mans stress related illness and his way back to healthy, happy life. It was beautifully filmed and a joy to look at. It was heartwarming to see Garry work his way through stress by realizing that love and family are the most important things. The shots of Zion National park were beautiful. As were the pieces of footage in the entire southwestern part of the country. the interviews were touching and heartening. The comedic bits added a good deal of levity to a subject that can be sometimes hard to deal with. The feeling at the end of the movie was a treat, it always feels good to leave a theater with a smile on your face. I would recommend this to all people in need of inspiration or motivation.    

Honest, Personal and Real – and Funny, Too!
By Jacquie Pasternak
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I’m blown away. This film hit home for me on so many levels. The past two years have been filled with enormous change for me, and I only wish I could have seen Destressed sooner. The film made me feel a bit nostalgic for my New Jersey past, but even more hopeful for my New York future. Destressed is a must-see for anyone going through change! Garry, you have no idea how positively your film affected me – thank you.

A Real Life “Pay it Forward”

Author: Carrie Monte Leon 

I didn’t know what to expect, although I knew the premise was about one man’s journey to get De-stressed.. It doesn’t matter who you are or where you come from, this movie’s heart and soul will make you laugh, think, love life, love your neighbors, and want to “pay It forward”!! Everyone needs to see this movie!! This movie should be in schools, churches, and every home!! This movie makes you take pause, and feel empathy, sympathy, and pure joy!! From the tornadoes that destroyed lives, the 106 year old woman who told how she lives her life, the very young military soldier who lost his arm, and both legs; the Hurricane Sandy victims in New Jersey, and the Director, Garry Pastore, who went on a quest to see, meet and learn from all of these people and their experiences.. Truly an eye opener!!! The heart spoke loudly through this entire film!!

A one mans journey to find his zen in this crazy world of stress!

Author: Rick Verso

Garry Pastore has made one remarkable film which has a message that will stay with me for a very long time. He takes us on a journey to find his Zen and what he encounters along the way will make you laugh and cry. My wife was so taken by this film and it could not have come along at a better time….she too is over stressed and the message that Garry delivers really put things into perspective for her. After viewing the movie we both looked at each other with open mouths while wiping away tears of both joy and hope. I’m sure that almost every single one of us can learn something from this film….who does not have stress in todays world? It took a man like Garry Pastore to bring this to our attention and to show us what can happen if we do not do something to fix this problem. If you have the opportunity to see this film please do so….run and don’t walk to the theater!!! I strongly advise anyone and everyone to go and see this fantastic movie! Bravo to Mr. Pastore for making this and hopefully there will be more like this to come!

An effective “empathy machine”

  Author: Lj Burton

Caught up in the minute-to-minute hurdles of modern life — like George Jetson on his out-of-control treadmill or Harold Lloyd hanging from the hands of a clock — managing a multitude of maddening minutiae of everyday life: heavy traffic, communications and miscommunications, the paradox of arriving everywhere on time in a sea of unpredictable delays. How can we temper the effects of these stressors that we tend to over-magnify and over-inflate with unnecessary and needless drama?

“Destressed” illustrates the value of taking a consciously motivated, broader perspective of our lives, and reaping the stress-reducing benefits of empathy and empathetic behavior for ourselves, while helping others in the process. Professors Frans de Waal and Daniel Batson, among others, have put forth the idea that empathy is one of the most valuable skills of individual, social and evolutionary development. Through the process of “walking in somebody else’s shoes” we can be moved to take a greater perspective on our lives and be moved to offer help when and where we can. By lending a helping hand and acting we not only help another person, but we help ourselves as well. We gain perspective. We gain a greater sense of self-esteem. We de-stress.

Roger Ebert remarked, “Movies are the most powerful empathy machine in all the arts. When I go to a great movie I can live someone else’s life for a while. I can walk in someone else’s shoes. I can see what it feels like to be a member of a different gender, a different race, a different economic class, to live in a different time, to have a different belief. This is a liberalizing influence on me. It gives me a broader mind. It helps me to join my family of men and women on this planet. It helps me to identify with them, so I’m not just stuck being myself, day after day.” (Rodger Ebert, Hollywood Walk Remarks, 2005]   “Destressed” is an effective empathy machine.

Those of us with a history that placed us in the in the aftermath of 9- 11 in the New York city metropolitan area might remember the strangely calm turn the city took in the last months of 2001 and well into 2012. The city known for a hard-boiled attitude and gruff demeanor lost its angry edge for a while. People were more courteous, friendlier. There weren’t any battles for position as traffic merged into or out of tunnels. Spiteful horn-honking quieted down, people looked at each other in the eyes and shared a common sense of tragedy and loss. We were taken out of our own selves and shared a communal sense of empathy for the victims of senseless violence, and we were all victims to some degree. We came out to help and gave up thoughts of our own trivial struggles to lend a hand for the greater good. If you were there, you remember how lives were changed.

Unfortunately old habits die hard, and after the passage of time, people were honking their horns, rude and self-centered again. Some of us were found to be affected with long-term anxiety disorders: depression, anxiety… stress. We went back to our self-centered paradigms, back to projecting all the imperfections in this world onto a lost button, lost cell-phone signals or traffic congestion. We returned to focusing on problems that, when viewed from a grander and more altruistic perspective, are not very important problems at all, as real as they may seem to us in the rush of anxiety. Yet we have no shortage of real problems.

There’s a lot of humanity in “Destressed” – Garry Pastore brings us an important message and his personal story that deserves to be seen and heard. It’s a good work, and a movie that needs to find the eyes and ears of as many people as possible, people who are struggling with the same issues of the modern world, minor stressors and who might collectively and individually benefit from the message that this film delivers.

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