Fokke Baarssen: Director of Photography and Producer

Fokke Baarssen worked on Destressed as a creative producer, director of photography and

editor. Fokke is an award-winning filmmaker in his home country, The Netherlands. Early in his childhood Fokke developed a unique interest in film. A personal dream came true when he got the chance to attend the New York Film Academy in 2009 where he met Garry Pastore. Together they made the short documentary Waiting For Budd in the same year, which has won a total of eight awards at several film festivals in the United States, including the New York International Film Festival and the Garden State Festival.

After this quick rise to stardom Fokke went back to The Netherlands where he directed the short film The Counsil, which has won awards for Best Debute Film and Best Screenplay at the 2012 Eindhoven Film Festival. In 2013 Fokke directed a music video for the popular band Handsome Poets in The Netherlands. After this success Fokke went back to New York to finish the feature documentary Destressed with director Garry Pastore. Destressed marks their second film collaboration.

In 2015 Fokke directed the award winning documentary “Jeweetwels” and a short movie “Match”. Fokke is also an actor.  He works together with Theater The Young Ones and De Jonge Honden in Zwolle (The Nederlands).

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