The Mission of Destressed is to inspire 1,000,000 people to find sanity in an insane world. The Vision is to screen the movie during film festivals, theater screenings, private screenings with Q&A, television, streaming and other avenues.


Mission video by Garry Pastore:


Why this documentary?

The movie is intended to inspire people to find sanity in an insane world and provide a possible guideline to make the change that you haven’t had the courage to do before.  Garry Pastore has written this autobiographical story to inspire people how to combat stress and negativity. It’s a heartfelt look at the medical, psychological and holistic reality of the effect of stress on the human body and mind.


Verb [no obj.] Relaxed after a period of work or tension.

Destressed is a humorous yet poignant look into our daily grind. The film delves deep into many layers of insanity, that when peeled away show the magnitude of just how menial daily life is. How it can get under your skin and really affect ones health.

There is a comedic, yet dramatic series of events that pit our protagonist, filmmaker, GARRY PASTORE up against life’s simple but daily nuisances; the automated voice from a cars Bluetooth, traffic jams, flat tires, traffic tickets, a jerky motorist, a late client and a missed airline flight that all seem to compile after leaving his house for work one particular day.

“It’s that day in, day out nonsense that eats away at ones soul” This constant stress as menial as it may seem, lands our protagonist in the hospital with serious complications.

This wake up call to take things “slower” makes him go out in search of his ZEN which lets him encounter other folks, from all walks of life and some with bigger issues and a lot more on their plate.

It’s this realization that makes this special film come full circle. Why are we such a STRESSED out society? What can we do to lessen that stress? The answer is really quite simple which comes about in the films final moments.

DESTRESSED “the insane quest for sanity in an insane world”